Stop Struggling and Let Us Show You How to Have Professional Confidence and Practice Success!

Welcome to Masters In Massage Institute.

We give you a solid structure for confidently managing your clients' care and time tested methods that empower you to succeed financially.

For example, we teach you how to perform professional consultations, examinations, and assessments, and create evidence based programs of care where you monitor and manage your clients' progress like a true professional.

You learn how to generate ample quality referrals and have your clients gladly reschedule with you by using highly effective methods that are not sale-like and instead use clear smooth protocols and communications with clients.

These client care methods are easy for you to apply in your massage practice because the exact procedures and communication scripts are presented to you in a well organized manner in the course manuals and video presentations.

Both you and your clients benefit when you apply these highly effective client management skills because they insure you're providing the best professional care.

We're familiar with the struggles you face in your practice because we experienced them in ours too, before we learned certain procedures and client communications that quickly turned things around to give us super successful practices!

They're now available for you to apply so you too can enjoy quality referrals, repeat client visits, and lucrative earnings without hassling with advertising!

All courses are "doctor approved" and follow mainstream accepted standards, while leaving you completely free to express your personal style using whatever hands on techniques you like.

Our courses help insure that you know how to do THREE MAIN THINGS:

1. Readily generate ongoing quality referrals without advertising.
2. Confidently recommend multiple appointment Programs of Care that use evidence based assessments specific to each client.
3.  Professionally manage the important aspects of your clients' care.







    With over 3,000 practitioners increasing their practice success and professional strength using the foundational skills we teach you, you too can double, triple, or increase your practice even more just like others of us. (Source: Landis-Ward Consulting, LLC: See Testimonials)

    Do you really want to settle for just a mediocre practice when you can experience dramatic shifts in professional confidence, esteem, and success?

    There's need for you to worry about your investment, because our course are extremely low priced considering the HUGE financial return you can produce.

    And because these skills are not some passing trend, you're sure to use them your entire massage career.

    So if you take your practice seriously and want to rapidly advance your client care skills and practice success, please click "Massage Courses" in the navigation bar to see which course is best for you.