Here's How To Succeed In 2022!

A new year presents a great time to frame your next move toward creating a more gratifying practice.

Some of you already have highly satisfying and successful practices. 

If you're not quite there and desire to have a more satisfying practice success, I can tell you with pretty high certainty how to do it. 

But actually doing it requires honesty and a little effort on your part. A musician can tell you the chords and melody of a song, but you need to apply them if you want to play it. 

Here are two things you need to do to create a satisfyingly successful practice:

The first is be able and willing to practice with total confidence and enthusiasm. Clients pick up on how confident you are working with them. 

Beyond your hands-on care, this also includes your ability to identify and evaluate their concerns and complaints and properly treat and manage their care.

The truth is, if you aren't confident in managing your clients' care, it will dampen your enthusiasm. 

WHEREVER we have a weak link or lack of assuredness, it's easy to dismiss it as being important. 

We hide from it or try hiding it under the rug.

But our natural sense of honesty and integrity can't hide from that lack. 

When we know we lack an essential skill, it dampens our confidence to some degree. And that more or less reflects upon our enthusiasm.

The second thing you need to do to instill total confidence and enthusiasm is apparent––identify areas of your practice that need improvement. 

You don't need to be "perfect" in everything you do, but every genuinely successful practitioner I've ever known is honest about practice areas that require new skills to make them better. Or they admit to themselves they need to seriously refine a skill they already have.

And they seek ways to learn them or improve upon them.

Which empowers them to naturally exude high professional esteem, enthusiasm, and confidence.

Aside from knowing skills that get clients to comply, retain, and refer, when you have heightened professional esteem, enthusiasm, and total confidence in treating and managing your clients' care, those qualities alone almost automatically create a highly satisfying practice.

Despite the pandemic bummers, now is a great time to honestly assess what areas of your practice might be holding you back from expressing yourself with complete confidence and excitement.

If your hands-on skills need refinement or a new approach altogether, there are several terrific teachers from whom you can learn this.

If you're satisfied with your hands-on skills, maybe your client management skills could use some improvement:

Are you fully confident in the basics, such as how well you evaluate new clients, how well you examine them, how you assess their presenting complaints?

Do you feel confident in providing condition-specific treatments, scheduling multiple appointments, and monitoring and managing essential aspects of your clients' care?

If you want a more satisfying practice, you have to change something to make it happen. 

The good news is, change doesn't have to be uncomfortable, expensive, or take a long time. 

But it does require that you do what we have mentioned: be honest about your weak links and seek help to improve upon them.

For over 30 years, I've seen this to be the key to practitioners having total confidence, enthusiasm, and satisfying success.

Cheers to your new successes in 2022!

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