FROZEN SOULDER ASSESSMENT                 APRIL 24, 2022


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This online live webinar presents a comprehensive advanced review of frozen shoulder syndrome for L.Ac.s, DCs and MTs.

Participants learn important assessment skills designed to enhance practical clinical applications.

This course teaches essential protocols for evaluating and assessing shoulder pain and impairment complaints and conditions patients present with, including a review of common shoulder pathologies and how to differentially assess intra-articular, extra-articular and soft tissue etiologies.

Topics include the definition of frozen shoulder, where and how it occurs, and why it’s important to learn how to evaluate and assess probable etiologies. Participants review physical diagnostic, orthopedic, and neurological examination procedures for helping assessment determinations.

Participants attend a live webinar online at and receive a certificate of completion. Join our host,  Dr. Michael Koplen, D.C., for this online event and enjoy a comprehensive diagnostic review of frozen shoulder syndrome.

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