Both the quality and quantity of the procedures and communication scripts the Client Management Mastery course gives you truly exceeded my expectations. It’s super valuable information that changed the way I practice and I couldn’t imagine not knowing this it. It gives me total confidence in managing my clients' care and only wish it had been available years ago. You don’t want to miss it!

~Alyson V, B.A., LMT


The Integrative Care Mastery course teaches you all about spinal-neural-soft tissue relaitonships, how to connect with DC's, get referrals from them, and manage their care. I’ve had the good fortune of learning much of this directly from Michael and excited for other massage therapists to learn it in the home study course
 ~Nazul Hernandez, MT


The Referrals and Retention Mastery course is Five Star!
It teaches you how to generate referrals and gives you the procedures for creating Programs of Care for clients. I like how the procedures are aligned with mainstream ones that DC's use.
~Jason Fouts, LMT


It’s made so much difference in the way I practice having doctor Michael’s knowledge of massage and chiropractic explained so well. I can’t imagine doing massage without having this clear understanding how spinal, soft tissue and nerve work is integrated with what I do.
~Mei Kawashima


I've reviewed this class several times and can honestly tell you it gives you the finest materials and procedures you will find anywhere. Dr. K and the MT's who created this are the real deal. It will change your practice forever!
~Coral Bailey


Five Star course!
I have a busy practice and this gave me the professional procedures and communication scripts for managing my clients' care with full confidence, and the trick to generating more referrals.
~Lynn Sisk


I’ve practiced chiropractic and owned clinics, employing over thirty massage therapists, and now recommend Michael's Integrative Care course to MT’s who want to upgrade their educational knowledge about what chiropractic and massage each offer and learn how to provide integrated treatment on referred patients.
~Bruce Handloff, DC, QME

Dear Dr. Koplen, I am grateful for the knowledge you have shared and am enlightened with refreshed understanding.
~Paul T.

Very beneficial, I enjoyed learning how all this fits together so nicely. I would recommend it, it’s valuable in aiding us in organizing thoughts and procedures in an orderly fashion.
~Eric M.

Great! I felt really good spending the money on this – money well spent – it was very worth my time. This has been a great learning experience. I feel that it should be almost mandatory. I was feeling very deficient but now feel 100% better.
~Bridget M.

I managed and practiced massage at a premier hot tub and massage facility in Santa Cruz for nearly three decades where our massage therapists and Michael shared countless mutual referrals.
Michael has a deep love and experience with massage and bridged many gaps for us by explaining chiropractic principles and how they are mutually complementary with massage.
The understanding of massage and chiropractic that he shares changed the way myself and other MT’s practice. 
It gave us a sense of heightened professionalism and credibility, our clients knew it, and it greatly increased them referring others to us. I enjoy the success that mutually referring clients and patients gives me.
I strongly encourage every massage therapist to not miss out on sharing referrals with DC's the way the Integrative Care course teaches you.

~Graydon Ramey, MT